MR rehberligi ile Robotic Prostat Biyopsisi

You can find the report of a study *Which Biopsy Method Best Detects Prostate Cancer?* made by the researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), published online June 12 in JAMA Surgery as enclosed file…

In-bore MRI- guided prostate biopsies are sometimes still considered a time consuming and expensive procedure. However, the Remote Controlled Manipulator (RCM) of the system allows fast, accurate and cost-effective biopsies and interventions within the MR bore.*

Our dedicated planning software contains a semi-automatic detection of the contrast filled needle guide and allows for optimized positioning and rotation point adjustment of this guide, resulting in easy and simple planning of your target for prostate biopsies and interventions.

  • the RCM is
  • fully MR compatible
  • ble to biopsy mm- sized lesions

           The RCM provides a

  • large biopsy range
  • short procedure time <30 minute
  • high patient comfort
  • direct biopsy method
  • confirmation of your biopsy location​

​The RCM helps to make the best possible therapy decision - for the treating medical professional, as well as for the patient - by supporting the detection of the true aggres­siveness and the true extent of the disease.



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