MRI Rehberliğinde Prostat Biyopsisi

 Brakiterapi hiç bukadar hızlı ve kolay olmamıştı…







MRI Rehberliğinde Prostat Biyopsisi Kanser Tanısını kolaylaştırırken Robotik yardımcı ile yapılan hızlı uygulama Hasta Konforunu arttırmaktadır…

Prostatda el yordamıyla körlemesine yapılan *Girişimsel Uygulamalar* artık sona eriyor…

Manual *Interventional Applications* that are blindly done are now over for Prostate Diagnosis…

Robotik yardımcı ile MRI Rehberliğinde hedefe yönelik yapılan Girişimsel Prostat uygulamaları Kanser Tanısı ve Tedavisini kolaylaştırırken Hasta Konforunu da arttırmaktadır…

In-Bore MRI-guided Robotic Assisted Targeted Prostate Biopsies improve Cancer Detection while Fast Interventional Application with Robotic Assistance increases Patient Comfort...



In-Bore MRI-guided Robotic Assisted Targeted Prostate Biopsy;

Perform a targeted prostate biopsy – using the best possible imaging modality with the same image quality for diagnostic imaging and biopsy guidance – to further improve prostate cancer diagnosis. Our unique robot makes it able to detect and target the most aggressive part of the lesions and therefore improved and accurate MRgBx will help advance diagnostic results, followed by the best possible treatment for the patient.


Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer;

To successfully treat Prostate Cancer, it is essential to diagnose the disease early and stage it extent as accurate as possible. Currently, the main diagnostic tools are the PSA blood test and a Digital Rectal Exam – followed by a Trans rectal Ultrasound (TRUS) guided biopsy. A tissue sample gained from this biopsy is the only way to accurately diagnose the disease. The problem of TRUS guided biopsy is that most Prostate Cancers are not detectable with Ultrasound; therefore the biopsies are performed randomly and blind (in respect to the lesion). Because of the ‘blind’ nature of TRUS biopsies a significant number of cancers are missed or not accurately staged.


Role of MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the prostate has been established as a useful modality to accurately detect and localize benign or malignant changes within the prostate gland. The high sensitivity of functional multiparametric prostate MRI has led to high tumor localization ability. However the lack of specificity in prostate MRI means that tissue samples are required to establish a correct diagnosis. The combination of MR imaging (high sensitivity) with biopsies (high specificity) seems to be the best approach to accurately detect and diagnose Prostate Cancer. This creates a need for MR-guided prostate biopsies – with all the challenges any intervention in the MR scanner presents.


Dedicated Prostate Interventional MRI (iMRI) with Robotic Assistance.

Robotic-Assisted MRI-Guided Prostate Interventions

In-bore MRI- guided targeted prostate biopsies are sometimes still considered a time consuming and expensive procedure. However, the Remote Controlled Manipulator (RCM) of the system allows fast, accurate and cost-effective biopsies and interventions within the MR bore.*

Our dedicated planning software contains a semi-automatic detection of the contrast filled needle guide and allows for optimized positioning and rotation point adjustment of this guide, resulting in easy and simple planning of your target for prostate biopsies and interventions.

 The RCM is

• fully MR compatible

• able to biopsy mm- sized lesions

The RCM provides a

large biopsy range

short procedure time <30 minute

high patient comfort

direct biopsy method

 • confirmation of your biopsy location

The RCM helps to make the best possible therapy decision - for the treating medical professional, as well as for the patient - by supporting the detection of the true aggres­siveness and the true extent of the disease.

You can find below the study about *MRI-Guided In-Bore Biopsy: Differences between Prostate Cancer Detection and Localization in Primary and Secondary Biopsy Settings*

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*Comparison of Cancer Detection Rates Between TRUS-Guided Biopsy and MRI-Targeted Biopsy According to PSA Level in Biopsy-Naive Patients*;

MRI-guided *Focal Laser Ablation* and *Brachytherapy* are supported…

Sistemimiz MRG-Rehberliğinde *Fokal Lazer Ablasyon* ile *Brakiterapi* uygulamalarını desteklemektedir.